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Sara Cripe
owner | account manager
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Okay, I’m super judgy about how someone presents their business.

What up, I’m Sara Cripe!  I’m a marketing mastermind that assists businesses in targeting their past and potential clients.  I have a crazy desire to transform my client’s ideas and visions into something that is actually tangible.  Your business can be the best thing since the Push-Up Bra, but success is going to be pretty tough to do if nobody knows your business even exists.  So what now?  HELLO, let the people know – MARKETING!  


Okay, I’m super judgy about how someone presents their business.  I noticed the lack of professionalism when a company’s marketing didn’t match.  All I could imagine was some sweaty guy in a dark basement just throwing flyers together in Microsoft Word and not caring one bit about balance or eye movement across the page!  Ahh – my worst nightmare!  I thought, “Hey, I can be that be that person!  But I can make it look good!” minus the sweat and dark basement, of course!  And so, Connect Grafiks & Marketing was brought to life!  I love waking up in the middle of the night with a new idea for my client!  I love seeing people’s passions and excitement for what they do!  I love Monday morning because I get to work for these businesses and share in their success! 


Hey friends! I’m Sophia your Online Web Designer and Animator! I have a passion for bringing your business to life through creating dynamic web pages that make you stand out - one that’s modern and interactive for your customers. Websites are your 24hour/7day a week store front - and we aim to make it a personal experience from your business, for the user.


My background is in Graphic Design, actually majored in Entrepreneurship, and have perfected my online web skills utilizing individual severs, Custom Wordpress Websites and the Divi Elegant Themes Builder. For the last 5 years - I have enjoyed helping Colorado based businesses of all sizes, and companies from all across the global get professional online. From managing international non-profit organizations online presence to our mom and pop shops I can walk to - we work hard to customize exactly what you need, based on where your business is at today. We design with you in mind, every site is create to grow as far and as fast as you do - or not so fast!


Who is Sophia Personally? Well, other than “speaking code” to pretend to be a robot - I am a hard core believer in weekends, and enjoy spending time with my amazing Fiance Ethan (we are getting married in November - EEK!) and our smiling rescue dog Presley. No really, our dog smiles! Together we love to do a variety of different art, Colorado mountain climbing and camping, and trying new foods!


I get to wake up, and do what I love everyday - I am so thankful! So grateful! My purpose in my career isn’t just to design pretty website pages - but to create a tool your business can use to continue your path of achieving your dreams. Knowing that my skills can be of service to you is what keeps the fire going in me.


Let’s create the online presence your business deserves!


Sophia Taylor
director of web design
Sophia Myers Headshot.jpg

I'm going to make you a pretty bomb website...because you deserve it!

Why do you need Connect Grafiks?  

Are you tired of wanting to connect with your database but lack the time?

Does it bum you out when your previous clients end up using someone different?

Has your business slowed down because you haven't had the time to market yourself properly?

Do you get frustrated working behind a computer trying to create your own marketing design?

All of these reasons make perfect sense.  You should be out doing what you do best!  Leave your marketing to Connect Grafiks!  We take the frustration away and connect with your database for you!  Doesn't that sound nice?  Connect Grafiks knows the importance of making all your marketing congruent so your clients think of you consciously and subconsciously.  They will think of your first.  You will be at the front of their mind, not the back.  They will refer you constantly!  Why?  Because you took the time to make them a priority and market to them.  

Remember, it's not their job to remember you, IT'S YOURS!

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